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A mentor and success coach, to over 50 millionaires who credit him as their business mentor, shares difficult seasons in his life that he has rarely shared before. This book is not only about the author’s journey from a place of pain and bondage to freedom, but truth that is accessible to all of us if we decide to believe and have the courage to get rid of our crappy story. Robert brings you a proven plan and insights in his unique style that provides a voice of hope, inspiration, and answers for those in search of getting gooder & gooder. He provides substance and encouragement to all those who embrace the philosophy of “timing being everything”.

Robert takes us on a journey of self-discovery and what he did to go from shackled to free in his personal, business, and spiritual life. It’s a compelling, raw, inspiring look not only into self, but also, a principled way to becoming gooder & gooder by becoming a go-giver, which Robert exemplifies.

Gratitude, belief, and having uncommon sense are only a few of the valuable components shared in this groundbreaking book. Robert teaches you how to fall in love with your vision and dream and believe that you can reach them by resetting your life.

Are you struggling to figure out what you want? Robert helps you in this book get what you want but the first thing is knowing what you want. Are you trapped by fears, negative thoughts or mindset that doesn’t advance you?

The good news is when you understand what’s really been secretly holding you back, you’ll finally find the treasure map and have a plan on how to escape.

Shackled to Free! Getting Gooder & Gooder is powerful, transparent, motivational, proven, and life changing.

Enter in and find your power even in the midst of your pain and your crappy story.

Robert Hollis is a documented mentor, entrepreneur, and author. He is recognized as an expert in helping ordinary people to have greater success in all aspects of life. He is the creator of several exciting products, courses and coaching programs that will help you achieve all your goals fast. He has entertained and inspired crowds of people all over the globe and has trained thousands of people to follow his path of generating multiple and residual streams of income.


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