Get Paid: 22 Hashish Author Jobs for Freelancers


Want to write for the $61 billion and growing cannabis industry?

Our rule when picking an area of expertise as a freelance writer: pick an industry with money (so becoming a cannabis writer is looking like a great idea right about now).

This marketplace is filling up with new products, new innovations, and more ways to experience cannabis. Guess what? Cannabis startups need content marketing help to stand out in this crowd.

Are you ready to jump in and develop some expertise in a market projected to reach $100 billion by 2030?

What if I Don’t Use Marijuana and Want to Write about Cannabis?

Would it help if you were a weed-loving writer? Sure.

It is a requirement? Maybe for product reviews. But you’ve got options in this huge industry. And we all know how to research and interview, don’t we? If not, it’s time to learn.

As a writer, projects are going to land in your inbox on topics where you’re not the expert (and that’s a good thing). Read up on cannabis topics, learn about the marketplace, and network with people in the industry.

And you’re forgetting one huge benefit of being an outsider: only 12% of Americans use cannabis. This is a growing marketplace. Most canna-businesses are looking to reach the canna-curious folks out there too.

As a newly curious person yourself, you’re the perfect writer to reach this audience.

Is the Cannabis Industry Looking for Anything Besides Lifestyle Articles and Product Reviews?

So you’re done with the whole lifestyle article writing business, are you?

Not a problem if cannabis writing is on your mind. Even if you’re a tech writer. This is one plant with a lot of tech behind it.

The lights, timers, schedulers, and its nutrients guaranteeing a high-quality plant or how to best extract the valuable CBD and THC for innovative products is a highly technical business. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Are you a health writer? Come write about the loads of scientific research on cannabis for this industry. Not everyone can decipher the sciency-speak in official research papers. If that’s you, you can add the cannabis niche to your LinkedIn profile.

And we haven’t even touched the constantly changing legal status of this still somewhat controversial plant around the world. Current events, financial and business news, marketing, and thought leadership are opportunities for business and finance writers.

Starting to feel all warm and fuzzy about your future marijuana money-making ops?

22 Cannabis Blogs Ready to Pay Freelance Writers

1. Analytical Cannabis

Analytical Cannabis blog hires freelance writers for cannabis writing jobs

Looking for a more scientific perspective on the cannabis industry? Analytical Cannabis is your online source for testing, extraction, cultivation, and other more technical topics for the cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics sectors. And they hire freelance writers. Do some research on the blog and pitch them an idea that fits their scientific and technical readers’ needs.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli magazine and blog pay cannabis writers for freelance writing gigs

Broccoli publishes a print magazine, podcast, and even a newsletter all about cannabis. Get on their email list for freelance writers to receive pitch calls about upcoming magazine issues. You can also sign up for their free newsletter going out every Monday or listen to their podcast to get a feel for their vibe.

3. Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture hires writers for freelance cannabis writing jobs

Cannabis Culture is one of the longest-running publications on the subject. Since 1994 they’ve been informing their readers on topics like cannabis activism, politics, and cultivation around the world (even though their headquarters is in Vancouver BC Canada). Take a look at their blog and send them a pitch.

4. Cannabis Health

Cannabis Health magazine and blog pay cannabis writers for freelance writing jobs

Want to become a Cannabis reporter? The Cannabis Health blog publishes global and local news about canna business, politics, and research. You can even find scientific journal articles here. This publication is looking for freelance writers from around the world to write for them. Interviews and personal stories are also welcome. Read their blog and send them a pitch they can’t refuse.

5. Cannabis Now

Cannabis Now magazine and blog hire freelance writers for cannabis writing gigs

Cannabis Now Magazine and blog hire freelance writers for news, politics, legislation, cultivation, and business trend stories. They’re definitely looking for lifestyle articles like marijuana recipes, cannabis-infused cocktails, details about new strains coming out, what’s legal where, and how to live life as a mary jane enthusiast in a world that’s not 100% on board with it. Read through the blog or magazine before you send them a pitch.

6. Cannabis and Tech Today

Cannabis and Tech Today magazine and blog pay writers for freelance cannabis writing jobs

Cannabis & Tech Today Magazine and blog want stories for its business owner and industry leader audience. Come write about developing news and events, in-depth analysis, personal stories, expert interviews, and detailed guides on all canna topics. You can submit completed stories, but we always recommend sending a pitch first. Read their blog for ideas (and make sure your pitch isn’t already published).

7. Cannabis Tech

Cannabis Tech blog hires freelance writers for cannabis writing gigs

Got experience and expertise as a Cannabis entrepreneur, grower, scientist, or engineer? Take a look at the Cannabis Tech blog for industry professionals. You can write about almost any techy topic like automation, extraction, lighting, SaaS, research, or testing (as long as it’s used in this industry). We always recommend sending a pitch, but they will consider completed articles too.

8. Dope Magazine

Dope magazine and blog pay cannabis writers for freelance writing jobs

Want to write about cannabis news? Dope Magazine will pay you for it. They’re also interested in op-eds, product reviews, and feature stories. Before you send over your finished article, read over their blog and make sure their readers will love your story. If they accept your submission, you’ll hear from them within a month. Otherwise, try again. They get tons of submitted stories, so you’ll want to do your research to make sure yours stands out.

9. Green Entrepreneur

Green Entrepreneur hires writers for freelance cannabis writing jobs

Entrepreneur Magazine’s cannabis business-focused Green Entrepreneur hires freelance writers occasionally. If you love writing about the unique challenges of starting, running, or growing a canna or hemp business, check out their blog. You’ll have to pitch them something pretty amazing (and beat out the pitches from staff and expert contributors). If you’re an expert in a marijuana-related field, you can apply to their Leadership Network to improve your chances of getting articles on their website.

10. Green Queen Magazine

Green Queen magazine and blog pay freelance writers for cannabis writing jobs

Green Queen Magazine and blog publish global stories about cannabis from their UK headquarters. They’re interested in stories on health, research, the environment, social activism, and news stories. Their goal is to promote the benefits of this still somewhat controversial plant (and hoping to change its current illegal status in the UK).

11. High Times

High Times magazine and blog hire freelance writers for cannabis writing jobs

Want to write for this well-established print magazine and blog (and get paid well for it)? High Times Magazine will consider your freelance pitches or submissions. Personally, we recommend sending a pitch first. They publish cannabis legalization & political news, business news & advice, culture & lifestyle stories, events reports, and product reviews.

12. Leafly

Leafly blog pays cannabis writers for freelance writing jobs

Leafly is here to help its readers learn more about marijuana and navigate the 1000s of different products available. If you’re a freelance cannabis writer, send them a pitch about culture & lifestyle, politics & news, health & science, or cannabis cultivation. They’re always looking for talented writers and reporters for their cannabis blog (and we hear they pay very well too).

13. Marijuana Moment

Marijuana Moment blog pays writers for freelance cannabis writing jobs

Want to write about cannabis news, politics, science, health, lifestyle, or business stories? The Marijuana Moment blog and its editor-in-chief have been keeping their readers informed for over 20 years. You can connect with him on Twitter (and remember to do your research before pitching him or Kyle Jaeger the senior editor).

  • Homepage:
  • Contributor info: Get in touch with Marijuana Moment’s editor @tomangell on Twitter.
  • Pay: We hear $50 to $125 or more depending on the type of article.
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, a short one with a photo.

14. Maximum Yield

Maximum Yield magazine and blog pay freelance writers for cannabis writing gigs.

Maximum Yield Magazine and blog have been focused on how to grow cannabis since 1998. Do you know a thing or two about aeroponic, hydroponic, or aquaponic gardening? If greenhouses, grow rooms, and vertical growing are your thing, you can write for this blog. They’re looking for stories about extraction, edibles, strains, and all the ways you can enjoy it more too. Read through their blog to see if you’re a good fit for their topics and style.

15. MG Magazine

MG magazine and blog hire freelance writers for cannabis writing jobs

MG Magazine and blog hire freelance writers. You can pitch their senior editor Christopher Jones your ideas. But this magazine is all business (cannabis business that is). Their readers are looking for solid advice on everything related to setting up, running, and growing businesses in the cannabis niche. Every aspect is a possible topic like retailing, legalities, politics, cultivation, finance, marketing, manufacturing, HR, and much more. Check out the blog or flip through the digital version of the magazine before you pitch.

16. Merry Jane

Merry Jane blog pays writers for freelance cannabis writing jobs

Ready to write cannabis lifestyle stories? Merry Jane publishes articles about culture and lifestyle for its weed-loving readers. Good news freelance writers, they put out content on a daily basis. Favorite topics include health, entertainment, politics, and products. Read through their articles to get an idea of their style. Then send in your irresistible pitches.

17. NatuRX

The NatuRX blog hires cannabis writers for freelance writing gigs

The NatuRX blog writes about cannabis for its health and fitness-oriented audience. Not a surprise, this blog is part of the Outside Online family of blog sites. Interesting and informative stories for curious health-conscious users is their sweet spot. Read through the blog and you’ll get the picture quickly. You won’t find any writer guidelines, but we know they hire freelance writers (and pay fantastic rates too).

18. NXT Psychedelics

The NXT Psychedelics blog pays freelance writers for cannabis writing jobs

What’s a blog about psychedelics doing on this list? Well, they write about cannabis too. Are you into investing in canna companies or learning more about the businesses that produce and sell these products? You could get paid to write about it. NXTPsychedelics pays freelance writers for original reports, analyses, or commentary on this business and financial sector. Send them a pitch they can’t say no to.

19. The Bold Italic

The Bold Italic blog pays writers for freelance cannabis writing gigs

Know interesting and fun tips for locals in San Francisco? You could write for the Bold Italic blog. They regularly publish helpful stories for their cannabis-curious audience. Read through their cannabis section to get a better idea of what they’ll accept (or even love). Make sure your ideas are extremely relevant to their local San Francisco audience to up your chances of a yes.

20. The CBD Insider

The CBD Insider blog hires cannabis writers for freelance writing gigs

How much do you know about CBD? If your answer is a lot, you might be the right freelance writer for the CBD Insider blog. They want info-packed articles for their CBD-curious audience. And by info-packed, we mean verified, factual details to help their readers know which products are right for them. What is this blog looking for exactly? Industry news, CBD legislation, scientific research, product reviews, and any other CBD-related topics their readers are looking for. Check out the blog and send in your pitches.

21. The Fresh Toast

The Fresh Toast blog pays freelance writers for cannabis writing jobs

The Fresh Toast blog is all about the cannabis lifestyle. If you dream of writing about recipes, beauty, celebrities, sports, and every other lifestyle topic, check out this blog. You can also do the usual how-to, marijuana legislation, business, and medical research topics as well. Do some research on the blog and send in your pitches.

22. The THC Times

The THC Times blog hires cannabis writers for freelance writing gigs.

If you’re into writing for curious cannabis consumers, take a look at the THC Times blog. They’re accepting stories about helpful marijuana facts, current legislation, product reviews, how-to articles, and industry news. And remember to do your blog research before pitching, please.

This List Needs YOUR Help!

Have you written for one of these blogs? Will you tell us about your experience?

Or do you know of another blog that pays at least $50 per post on cannabis and hemp topics?

If you’ve got a tip about a blog that pays writers $50+, please send it to [email protected] in exchange for our undying gratitude — thank you for your service.


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