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That’s what you can accomplish in an age of free flowing information.

Personally, I spend a few hours a day reading various blogs, messages, and message boards to learn new things.

But sometimes I close the lid of my laptop, take a book, and process knowledge the old-fashioned way.

Even so, I decided to list the top books that every aspiring blogger and entrepreneur should read.

Best books for bloggers

  1. Expert secrets
  2. DotCom secrets
  3. Epic content marketing
  4. Start with why
  5. Ca $ hvertising
  6. get things done
  7. The 4-hour week
  8. Rework
  9. Approval marketing
  10. The one thing

Just a short word …

I know – my blog is about blogging, but most of the books I mention below aren’t.

The truth is, blogging books rarely bring anything new to the table. If you really want the skills of a seasoned blogger, I recommend checking out online courses or e-books which can provide you with the most up-to-date information for the best results.

I also believe the following:

When you understand a book well enough, you can apply its lessons to anything you do. It doesn’t need to spoon-feed the exact steps you need to take.

Most of the books on this list may not contain strategies directly related to blogging. However, they will equip you with the wisdom and technical know-how to enable you to formulate strategies yourself.

With all of that out of the way, let’s begin.

10 books you need to read as a blogger

1. Expert secrets

Would you like to know the full title of this book?

Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook About Creating A Mass Movement Of People Who Pay For Your Advice.

Boring, I know. But it also sums up what bloggers like me want to achieve in the online world.

Expert Secrets was written by serial entrepreneur, ClickFunnels co-founder, and online marketing thought leader Russell Brunson.

The book goes into the details of building your own personal brand and identity. It covers basics such as Brand stories, Buyer Psychology, and sales.

You will also find detailed instructions on how to use a series of webinars for Lead generation.

I would recommend Expert Secrets for bloggers who envision themselves as future thought leaders in their respective niches.

You can Get a free copy of Expert Secrets from the official website. All you have to do is pay for shipping and that’s it.

2. DotCom secrets

DotCom Secrets is another Russell Brunson book aimed at budding online businesses that is available to you for free plus shipping.

It is “The underground playbook for growing your business online,“But it still has a lot of value even for little bloggers.

To give you an idea of ​​what to expect, here is a screenshot of the back of the book.

DotCom Secrets is a collection of strategies that can help online startups scale their business.

Remember, there can be bloggers who just do this for the joy of writing. But for the rest of us interested in monetization, we need to look at our blogs as a company.

The lessons range from building renovation-optimized Sales funnel to develop successfully Email Marketing Campaigns. All of these are skills that you need to master if you want your blog to thrive and self-sustaining.

Get your free copy of the DotCom Secrets Book here.

3. Epic content marketing

The sentence “less is more“Can be applied to many aspects of blogging.

For example, it is better to write shorter articles with more meat than it is to write thousands of words full of fluff.

When it comes to online marketing, putting too many marketing components together can hinder growth rather than accelerate it.

With that in mind, Epic Content Marketing takes us back to the basics that are guaranteed to produce results.

Epic Content Marketing was written by JoePulizzi – one of the pioneers of modern content marketing in its infancy.

The book guides you through the process of developing a content marketing strategy that will attract customers like a magnet. This includes crafting a Marketing mission statement, Development a Content creation and curation Strategy and Dissemination of content through social media.

Here is the link to order this book on Amazon.

4. Start with the why

If you’re wondering why some blogs are more profitable than others, this book will show you the answer and more.

Start with Why was written by Simon Sinek, who introduced the concept in his 2009 TED Talk appearance.

It shows how the most influential people think and act when faced with leadership decisions. It also provides advice on how they are communicating with their target audience online and offline.

The main premise of Start with Why is that customers don’t really care about your offerings. Rather, they are interested in why you chose your path.

Finding the “why’s” in your career then leads to Brand building and Marketing opportunities that could move your blog forward.

Here is the link to order this book on Amazon.

5. Ca $ hvertising

Let’s move away from content marketing for a moment.

Ca $ hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman – aka “Direct response surgeon.

It reveals over 100 consumer psychology hacks that ad agencies are using to increase their conversions.

Trading is a must for bloggers considering paid advertising as their next growth path. It covers every single facet of managing and running advertising campaigns – from Design landing pages to write irresistibly Copy.

Here is the link to order this book on Amazon.

6. Get things done

Here’s a cold hard fact: Knowledge is nothing without action.

Unfortunately, many bloggers struggle with having the energy, motivation, and time management to be productive.

Getting Things Done by David Allen can help you overcome these hurdles and get your blogging game up to speed.

The book describes a complete, repeatable system that will help you achieve more and use fewer resources. As a blogger, this can be applied to projects like redesigning your website, developing infomercial products, etc.

Here is the link to order this book on Amazon.

7. The 4-hour week

Having all the time in the world while you passively earn money from your blog – that’s the dream.

This is also the philosophy of the 4-hour week of the author, entrepreneur and investor Timothy Ferriss.

The book urges you to escape the “9-5” and take control of your time and finances completely. It contains Case studies, Tools, and templates that brings you closer to financial freedom – one practical tip after another.

Time management is obviously an important focus of this book. That’s why it touches on topics like Outsourcing virtual assistants, Pre-planning Your list of priorities and Integrate automation in daily chores.

Here is the link to order this book on Amazon.

8. Rework

Sometimes all it takes is to stop thinking and take the next step.

Don’t worry about the possible outcomes, preparations, and all the fine details in between.

Instead of letting uncertainties hold you back, just focus on the beginning and figure things out along the way.

Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson can be your guide through simple lessons to practice every day.

Minimize interruptions while you are working, for example, is as clear as possible. It’s a no-hassle life hack that will help you get going and speed up your goals.

For the rest of the book, the chapters relate to individual aspects of corporate governance. These include the procedure Dealing with competitors, build your workforce, develop a corporate culture, among other.

Here is the link to order this book on Amazon.

9. Approval Marketing

First of all, you should know that Permission Marketing may be the oldest book on this list.

It was originally published on May 6, 1999 and written by Seth Godin.

The question is, why invest in a 20 year old book? Isn’t the information there already out of date?

Although most of the strategies you learn from permission marketing are no longer workable, all of the marketing principles are still relevant. The book can teach you how to do it gain the trust of your audience, to understand Consumer behavior, and build Brand loyalty.

Here’s another reason I still recommend Permission Marketing.

While some of you view his age as a blemish, I see it as reassurance.

You see, Seth Godin wrote and sold the book because he really knows his stuff.

Let’s be honest, there are thousands of books on Amazon by so-called authors who just “borrowed” their ideas. They are just marketers who have outsourced the contents of their book and used the finished product as a branding tool.

I don’t know about you, but when I want to learn from someone I avoid the followers. I go straight to the thinkers and rely on their words.

Here is the link to order this book on Amazon.

10. The one thing

If you’ve ever felt distracted, inefficient, or unproductive, it is most likely because you are juggling multiple things at the same time.

Ask yourself: How often do you listen to music, read email, or open social media while you work?

Probably more than you want to admit.

This is the epidemic that Gary Keller sought to cure in his book The One Thing.

It is based on the idea that you should focus on one task at a time in order to increase your productivity. And based on my accomplishments with the Master Blogging brand, it absolutely works.

The One Thing also talks about concepts that will change the way you work forever, such as multitasking, Self-discipline, and prioritization.

Here is the link to order this book on Amazon.


With this post, you’ve proven that you have what it takes to be a successful blogger.


I am really interested in where your blogging journey is going. After all, successful bloggers learn all their lives – they are always hungry for growth through knowledge.

Leave a comment below and share your latest blogging experiences and achievements. Also, let me know if I missed your favorite life changing book.

I am always looking for new titles in my “read” perform.


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