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Allocating a budget for a website is always a challenging task. It is important to work with all your financial resources and break these expenses down into reasonable tasks. Prioritization is a must – and user experience (UX) should be at the top of that list.

A focus on website UX means giving the users of your service what they need quickly and easily. This is especially important for managing B2B communications and marketing.

A business customer dealing with a product or service is likely trying to resolve a problem or concern. This user lacks the time and patience to rummage through irrelevant texts, animations and videos in order to find a solution.

UX has been seen as a minor matter for far too long. Let’s go through five reasons why companies should pay attention to UX requirements and direct appropriate resources into the area.

1. Changing the website design costs time and money

Creating a new website can be exciting, but it’s an expensive process. Getting things right the first time is critical.

If you don’t meet your audience’s needs and expectations, you will build up UX debt. Such a concern needs to be addressed sooner or later, and the longer you leave it, the more expensive and intrusive a website redesign becomes.

Bring professional know-how into developing your website’s UX strategy and don’t start until it’s ready. Participate in constant tests, tweaks, and reviews to make sure you don’t fall victim to any fundamental pitfalls.

You need to redesign your website at regular intervals. Nothing lasts forever and new UX trends will emerge. However, if you have a solid foundation, these adjustments tend to be minor and manageable. If poor UX means a developer has to re-code your entire website, you put your business in a vulnerable position.

2. The fulfillment of UX generates customer loyalty

Brand loyalty should always be a priority in B2B business. It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to generate a repeat business with an existing one.

When dealing with companies, loyalty is the top priority. Getting a contract with a large company over the line can be time consuming and frustrating. Constant pitching for new customers is exhausting, especially when you rely on such income for cash flow.

If your UX design gives your customers a simple, hassle-free approach, they are more likely to stick with you. A company is unlikely to fix what isn’t broken, and a positive UX can even go a long way in offsetting period price increases.

If you make an effort from the beginning to build a customer profile and align the UX of your website with it, life will be much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

3. Superior UX saves your company time

How much time does your company spend answering questions and solving problems? If these issues are related to your online presence, a superior website UX design can eliminate concerns.

Ways to save time, both for you and your potential customers:

  • Strategically placed FAQ pages to answer common questions
  • Chatbot software to manage initial user questions
  • An easy way through the sales funnel to receive payments, with no middlemen
  • Contact forms that allow users to contact you in an automated manner, reducing phone calls

No company will ever be successful if it eliminates all human contact with its customer base; Still, a superior UX can ensure that automated website interactions are a pleasure rather than a chore.

4. Website UX and SEO go hand in hand

All roads start with Google in the modern world, which means your Quality Score has to be in a nutshell in order to enjoy SEO success. Solid and responsive UX will reap the rewards of a solid SEO strategy.

The days of Google algorithms that mainly deal with keywords are long gone. Today, user behavior plays an equally important role in assigning a quality factor.

Users who can navigate a website and easily find what they’re looking for are more likely to stay close. A messy, poorly designed website that doesn’t adhere to the core principles of great UX is more likely to fall victim to the dreaded 15-second rule. As a result, your SEO score will drop and your website will slide down in the rankings.

Integrate UX concerns – including mobile-friendliness and loading speeds – into your preliminary budgeting. Spending a fortune on content creators is counterproductive when the user experience is lacking. Users won’t stay long enough to marvel at your compelling copy.

5. Superior UX design increases conversions

There’s no denying that the B2B market offers fewer impulse buying opportunities than B2C. However, impulsive behavior is still widespread in the B2B space. A superior UX may not result in an instant conversion, but it does increase the chances of a later sale.

Consider a B2B customer’s journey. Your prospect is likely looking for a solution to a specific problem. However, just because users identify a weak point doesn’t mean they know how to solve it.

This is where UX design comes in. By identifying and empathizing with a business need and then making it clear that you can offer the solution, you are instantly recognized as a helpful resource.

Some patience is required. Even if users who discover your product are interested in a purchase, they can rarely do so right away. Software compatibility, licensing and financial obligations need to be discussed and agreed.

It is important that you have established a connection. While emotional bonding is less common in B2B communications, don’t harm your prospects by building a bond through efficiency and helpful website UX.

* * *

It’s up to you how much of your budget you want to spend on UX design when you’re building a new business website. The European Business Review recommends 15-20% of your total project budget. When you’re ready to make that investment, the long-term benefits of great UX will speak for themselves.

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