Google is discontinuing AdSense Android and iOS apps


Google finally, as promised, stopped AdSense mobile apps. You can no longer find them in the Play Store or the App Store. However, once you have them installed on your devices, they will still work. Google says they will work for the next few months, but there is no longer any support for them.

This hiring had already been announced in 2019, when Google said on a blog: “… we have reviewed our mobile strategy (and) we will focus our investments on the AdSense mobile web interface. ”

According to Google, you can now use the new AdSense reports and home page cards, which offer a responsive mobile experience that is faster and easier to use. To access AdSense, you are now using your mobile browser – which sounds like a whole process to me that people never had to go through.

As a kind of progressive web app, however, many more people can access the mobile web version than the official app. I wish Google updated the official apps to be PWAs.

Either way, Google promises that in the coming months, AdSense will add new features to the mobile web experience.


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