Google is shifting the AdSense mannequin to a primary worth public sale


Until the end of this year, AdSense auctions will no longer be determined by second highest bids as Google shifts its model to first price.

To further simplify AdSense, Google has announced that it will move the auction in AdSense for content, video and games from second to first price in the coming months.

This change will make it easier for advertisers to purchase advertising space sold through AdSense.

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If you have a blog or website and you use AdSense, you don’t need to take any action after the change, and Google says website owners “likely won’t see any change” in their earnings.

“We’re making this announcement now to help our advertising partners prepare before we change the way the AdSense auction works,” said Product Manager Matt Wong in the latest announcement. If you have any further doubts, please refer to the AdSense FAQ page, where the company will provide further details on the change.

In terms of the benefits for publishers and advertisers, Google says the new auction model, streamed through AdSense, Ad Manager, and AdMob, is aligning the process with other ad sales platforms in the display advertising ecosystem.

Google also believes this will help build advertisers’ confidence in the spend, which should benefit publishers over time.

The change is moving away from the old model that existed in the early days of online display advertising. The advertising space was then “sold to advertisers in a second-price auction in which the final price paid by the winner was determined by the amount of the second-highest bid”. In the meantime, however, ad sales platforms like Google Ad Manager and Google AdMob have switched their auction to first price.

AdSense will also soon move to a first price auction, a measure that is helping advertisers “by making it easier for them to buy online ads and making it easier for them to buy the space you sell through AdSense”.

The change will be implemented in the coming months, with the transition process expected to be completed later this year.

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