Relevance of SEO in immediately’s digital world


What’s next after launching a website? The answer is search engine optimization (SEO). It has always played an essential role in digital marketing. Today we will understand why that is.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the ranking of the website when people search the search engine for the keywords related to your business. The improved ranking in the search results will help you to increase the visibility of your website and thus attract more and more audiences.

Brief history of search engine optimization

SEO is a dynamic field of digital marketing that helps build and strengthen the brand. However, there is no concrete evidence, but many experts believe that SEO first came about in 1991. Since then, SEO has gone through a number of changes and evolved 360 degrees.

In the earlier days, the main focus of SEO experts was just increasing the use of keywords in order to rank higher in search results. Today, Google not only crawls relevant searches based on keywords, but also focuses on other factors like history and preferences, device, location, etc. images and videos.

Top Trends in Search Engine Optimization in 2021

SEO is constantly updating, just as Google is updating its algorithms. Let’s take a look at the top search engine optimization trends in 2021.

1. Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is used to measure user experience in three factors such as loading, interactivity and visual stability, which are largely related to page speed.

2. Extensive keyword research

We need to do extensive keyword research to find a keyword. The keyword must be relevant. Search engine optimization experts these days focus not only on primary (focus) keywords, but also on secondary keywords. Google no longer only looks at word collections.

It analyzes everything that has to do with the entered keywords in the search engine and thus focuses on all possible keywords at the same time.

3. Importance of quality content

Original and authentic content is the building block for any website. It helps build the brand’s niche in the market. We can ensure the quality of the website by creating a Buyer’s Persona in which we can curate content specifically based on the needs of the buyers. We also need to do research that will help us create a map for our content.

4. Voice search

In this dynamic world, people have developed into multitaskers. So when they are looking for something on the website, they are also working on other things at the same time. Therefore, they search on their mobile phones with tools such as Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa by voice search.

5. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become the order of the day when people need instant personalized results. It is therefore important that we take this factor into account on your websites.

6. Video Marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, this is absolutely true in digital marketing, where people tend to switch to video content if they want to make an impact on the digital platform or if they want to understand a certain topic. Hence, creating a video is a must if we want to stay relevant in the current scenario. Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google and therefore the best platform for marketing.

7. Mobile friendliness

The majority of people browse various websites on their mobile phones. So we need to make sure that our website is mobile friendly, for example by checking the website loading speed on mobile.

8. Search engine optimization for influencers

This is the era of influencers. We have to tap into influencers if we are to grow our business. When the influencers endorse a website, their followers also come forward to support the particular website, adding to your website traffic.

9. Brand Search Engine Optimization

If everyone is behind branded articles, search engine optimization will not lag behind either. The more popular and authentic your brand is, the higher your ranking on Google.

10. Image optimization

Using high quality and relevant images helps us rank better. We need to mark the filename of the image in such a way that it is relevant to the content of the corresponding page. We also need to use alt tags that crawlers use to classify images.

11. Featured snippet

When you type something into Google, you may notice a box at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), above the actual results. This is an excerpt. They display part of the information about the relevant search.

Scoring a featured snippet is one way of getting to the first page of search results. They also help us attract traffic from competitors.

Importance of search engine optimization in the digital world

If you are unsure of which outfit to choose for your graduation ceremony, the first person to consult is either your mom or your best friend because these people are the ones who will get the best results for you.

In the digital world too, search engine optimization supports your website as a best friend. It gives you the best possible ways to rank your website higher.

Helps in driving organic traffic

Organic traffic is the core component of our website traffic. A high visibility enables us to appear higher in the search engine and thus to increase our organic traffic.

Helps to gain credibility and trust

SEO helps with the analysis of links, positive user behavior, machine learning signals, optimized page elements and content.

Helps to understand the consumer

With the help of search results, search engine result pages SERPs analysis, analytics data and artificial intelligence insights, SEO helps us to understand consumer behavior and is therefore able to offer content according to the taste of the consumer.

Helps provide customers with a better experience

SEO offers users the information they are looking for with fewer clicks, quickly and easily, and thus helps in building the brand profile.

SEO is inexpensive

Compared to the other things that go into setting up a website, the amount you have to spend on SEO is negligible. It also acts as an investment over a longer period of time.

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