Kaleb Mickens, popularly known as Cash Cartier, is one of the leading, best known and most influential names in the global network marketing industry. Cash Cartier, a hardworking and successful entrepreneur, has over four years of experience in networking and has made a name for himself as “The King of Network Marketing”.

Cash Cartier led an ordinary life like any other teenager in his early childhood. He was a passionate soccer player and even had the chance to play for the IFL (Indoor Football League). Cartier’s life changed completely during this period and he found himself almost bankrupt after accumulating massive debts.

Cash had to look for another source of money to make ends meet. He got a job in the restaurant and was hired as a busboy. Although his new job was not fulfilling, Cash was so determined and persistent, and his positive mentality allowed him to continue to hope that things would change for the better in the days to come.

After he turned 22, Cash’s life took a different path and he began his entrepreneurial career. Although he did not have sufficient and extensive knowledge of business complexities, he believed in himself, invested hours and energy in the business, and eventually thrived in the market.

This helped Cash create multiple sources of money from its large-volume investments in cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks.

Cash spent most of his early years on the internet, gaining knowledge of social media and networking. Later, Cartier, who has a strong personality in building and building strong relationships started network marketing.

Due to his internet presence and his network skills, he has developed successfully in the market. He is also a mentor to the founder of Walking ATMs and shares his expertise in financial markets and stock trading.

Cash Cartier’s determination and never giving up demeanor have earned him thousands of customers around the world as well as hundreds of social media followers on his Instagram account. Cartier is committed to helping others against all odds and to realizing their dreams and economic freedom.

A sought-after speaker, Cash has traveled the world teaching young and emerging entrepreneurs what it takes to start, run and run a business successfully. He also uses his personal experiences to inspire many young entrepreneurs that it is possible to make all of their dreams come true and to be successful with a positive attitude.

Cartiers Success stories and events have been reported in multiple media in America and around the world. He has been featured in Forbes, IBtimes, Influencive, Benzinga, Thrive Global, among others.

As a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency and currency markets, his network talents and accomplishments are so impressive that he has been dubbed the “King of Network Marketing”. Cash is the most productive entrepreneur in the networking industry and sets an example for others who want to get into the industry.

Cash Cartier has become a global icon and mentor to many young people looking for his events and literary speeches. Cash Cartier’s success is the result of hard work, perseverance and dynamic personality that have brought him to fame despite the struggles and misfortunes of his early years.


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