Leisure and Humor Blogs that Pay Freelance Writers


Entertainment blogs… you mean celebrity gossip and all those clickbait-y articles I see on social media, right?

Hey, we’re not gonna lie. Those articles fall under the category of entertainment. But you’ll be surprised by the variety of styles and topics in this niche.

And if celebrity antics aren’t your schtick, good news. Most of these publications and sites are interested in hiring freelance writers to write about something else. They already know where to go for famous people info.

So what’s your favorite form of entertainment? Music, TV, books, art, podcasts, video games, online videos, comedy, comics, or something else?

For research, you get to read even more online articles about those topics and keep up with your entertainment obsessions!

(Bonus points if you focus on reading publications that pay well. Like the ones in this list right here, with rates from $50 right up to $4,000+ per article.)

What Exactly Does an Entertainment Blogger Do?

Forget about glitz and glamour. This is about being a good writer and a somewhat obsessed fan.

You’ll probably fall in love with (or already be completely obsessed with) some niche categories in television, film, music, live performance, art, books, video games, or some other way of entertaining people.

You’ll know all the big names, the up-and-coming names, the complete newcomers that show tons of promise, the creators, the writers, and the performers.

You could whip out a listicle on 20 different topics in your favorite genre in 30 minutes. You already know what questions you’re dying to ask at least 10 up-and-coming people in your niche. In other words, this is your world.

You also have to do all the things other freelance writers do, of course. You stay up to date on your niche. (Easy, because you already love it!) You’ve got your favorite publications and editors. You follow and network with them regularly.

And if you’re doing all of that, then you know exactly what to pitch to everyone, because you know what they publish (and what they don’t).

OK, What About How to Become a Humor Writer?

Well… to start off, do you read other funny writers?

Like ANY OTHER freelance writing niche, you start with research (preferably on a subject you already enjoy reading). You’ll be surprised by what fits into this category. Your sense of humor could be dark, dry, silly, or satirical, for example.

True stories and first-person humorous essays are popular formats (and there are several publications that love them on this list). Truth can be stranger than fiction…. and more hilarious, too.

Read. Practice. Repeat.

If humor is something you love writing, you’ll get better by reading it and writing it, just like in any other freelance writing niche.

Where to Find the Best Paying Humor and Entertainment Writing Jobs

American Theatre

American theatre magazine pays for freelance entertainment articles

American Theatre‘s print magazine and website publish articles about professional non-profit theatre work. They hire freelance writers for well-written articles on international and US productions, trends in the industry, important events, stage artists, and more. Its readers are mostly theatre professionals.

Art Papers

Art Papers magazine pays freelance writers

Art Papers is a print magazine and website dedicated mostly to the visual arts. They are looking for feature stories, essays, interviews, and reviews about a specific artist, piece of artwork, artistic theory, and related subjects. Please only send proposals. They will ask for samples of your writing. If you get a yes, you should hear from them within 3 weeks.

Atlantic Books Today

Atlantic Books book review blog hires freelance writers

Atlantic Books Today print magazine and website publish articles about Eastern Canadian books and writers. If you enjoy writing about books and their authors, go have a read of their website. Their editor Chris Benjamin writes for the site too, so go check him out (and follow him if you want to write for Atlantic Books Today).


AutoStraddle a lifestyle blog that hires freelance writers

Autostraddle is a lifestyle website for the LGBTQIA+ community. They describe themselves as “a space for lesbians and queer people — especially people of color — to be our entire selves.” Autostraddle tackles many different topics, including television, film, art, and pop culture (from an LGBTQIA+ point of view). Read some articles on subjects you’d like to write about. You’ll have a better chance of getting a yes. They aspire to give their community the confidence to find their own way in life and thrive (through their site and content).

The AV Club

AV Club an entertainment site hires freelance writers

The AV Club is part of the giant umbrella of websites that include The Onion and Gizmodo. But this entertainment website publishes real news, interviews, stories, and everything related to entertainment (film, TV, games, music, etc). They sometimes hire new freelance writers (although they like working with writers they already know). You could even get a regular paycheck gig too). Check out their job listings here.


Backstage an entertainment website hires freelance writers

Backstage is a website where entertainment professionals go to find jobs (and production companies go to find talent). They hire freelance writers and team members too (in case you’re looking for a regular paycheck). Got some experience actors looking for work need and want? Read their site, then go pitch them your ideas.

Bitch Media

Bitch Media a lifestyle site that hires freelance writers

Bitch Media runs a magazine and blog with a “feminist analysis of culture.” And by culture, they mean cultural attitudes, social trends, pop culture, and the everyday culture of life. If you like writing about where pop culture, social trends, and cultural attitudes meet, Bitch Media will love you. Read a few entertainment-related articles and you’ll see what we mean. “Discussion-provoking” and “well researched with evidence” are key here for getting picked.

Book Browse

Book Browse a book review site hires freelance writers

BookBrowse is a book review site for fiction and non fiction books. Mostly adult reading material, but they also do some young adult book reviews. Have a look at some of their reviews to get an idea of how they prefer their reviews. Be prepared to send in writing samples too. They describe their book choices as “very enjoyable to read, with great characters and storylines, but that also leave you knowing something about the world you didn’t before.”


BroBible a lifestyle and entertainment site hires freelance writers

BroBible is a site aimed at bros and other millennial men, featuring news, reviews, entertainment, and opinion — categories include Style, Fitness, Success, and Relationships. Drop them a message to see if they like your ideas and style. They’re looking for freelance writers and staff writers (so get your resumé or writer portfolio ready if you’re looking for a regular paycheck).

Bust Magazine

Bust a lifestyle magazine and site hires freelance writers

Bust calls itself a feminist lifestyle magazine (with a blog). Go have a read of their entertainment sections (movies, music, TV arts, and books) on the website. In the magazine, your entertainment topics will probably fit in the Broadcast and Features sections. And remember to be patient. It takes 2 to 3 months to hear back from them usually.


Bustle a lifestyle site pays freelance writers for entertainment articles

Bustle is looking for first-person stories, interviews, buzz-worthy features, and even personal essays. They’ve got the classic entertainment categories (TV, movies, books, celebrities, and music). Have a look at some of their other articles. And remember to pitch the right editor (depending on the subject of your pitch).


Buzzfeed a lifestyle website pays freelance writers for entertainment articles

Buzzfeed, who hasn’t heard of it? The enormous lifestyle site hires freelance writers. They’ve got plenty of categories for entertainment freelance writers wanting to tackle movies, TV, music, celebrities, and books. They even need on-call freelance writers for daily trending stories if you’re interested. Just remember to get familiar with the site category you want to write for before you pitch.

C Magazine

C Magazine a contemporary art magazine and website pays freelance writers for cultural articles.

C Magazine is a print publication and website focused on contemporary art and criticism. They invite you to introduce yourself to them in their writer’s directory (before pitching anything). When you do send a pitch, make sure to write “pitch” in the subject line with the type of article you want to write (essay, interview, etc).

Chicago Reader

The Chicago Reader a local lifestyle blog and newspaper that pays freelance writers

Chicago Reader is a local printed newspaper with a blog focused on what’s going on in the Chicagoland area. They occasionally hire freelance writers for their City Life, Comics, News & Politics, and Art & Culture sections. They recommend pitching a short story (300-1000 words max) if you’ve never written for them. And they really want you to send a pitch, not a complete article.

Christian Science Monitor The Home Forum

The Christian Science Monitor Home Forum hires freelance writers for humor stories.

If you’ve got a funny and true story to tell, The Christian Science Monitor’s The Home Forum is a great place to pitch it. They are looking for short first-person essays. Funny stories about everyday life and timely topics related to current events are always welcome. For very seasonal stories, send it in six weeks early.


Cineaste an entertainment site hires freelance writers

Cineaste calls itself “America’s Leading Magazine on the Art and Politics of the Cinema.” They publish feature stories, interviews, and reviews. All aspects of the cinema, old and new films, indie films, European films, and films from developing countries.


Club House a children's entertainment site hires freelance writers

Clubhouse is a print magazine and website for children from 8 to 12 years old. They are looking for fun stories (both fiction and nonfiction) that kids love to read. Parents buy Clubhouse because it has “wholesome educational material with Scriptural or moral insight.”


Cosmopolitan a lifestlye and entertainment magazine and website hires freelance writers

Originally a print magazine, Cosmopolitan also has a prominent blog that occasionally seeks contributions from readers and accepts queries from freelance writers. Read the entertainment section of the website that fits your ideas. Choose from Celebs, Music, Movies, TV, and Books. If this sounds like too big a goal for you, check this out: How I Convinced Cosmopolitan to Publish My Blog Post [And You Can Too]


Cracked a humor website hires freelance writers

Cracked.com publishes comedy and satire on news, politics, TV, movies, popular culture, and more. They’d love to have you create their super popular Pictofacts and Photoplasty (if you like making graphics). They’re still hiring freelance writers for feature stories. They’ll pay you according to article length and your experience level. We hear they pay you more money after you’ve worked with them for awhile. If you’ve already got an impressive resumé, they’re also looking for regular columnists too.

Critical Read

Critical Read an art site pays freelance writers for cultural articles.

Critical Read wants you to write “Artwork Biographies.” And by artwork, they mean much much than just paintings and sculpture. It could be dance performances, drama, classical music, opera, jazz, performance, installation, or visual art. But they don’t want writing about already well-known artists. They’re looking for pitches about worthy lesser-known talent.


Current an entertainment business site hires freelance writers

Current publishes content for its audience of public radio and television professionals. They’re interested in different entertainment topics than most readers. For example, how are public radio and television production changing during the pandemic or how are current trends changing public programming. They love stories about best practices (in fundraising or leadership for example), “How We Did It” stories, and the challenges stations and networks are confronted with and how they solve them.

East Bay Express

East Bay Express pays for local entertainment writing jobs

If you’re in the Berkeley, Oakland, or East Bay areas of California, you could do some paid local freelance writing for East Bay Express. They want to know about events, cultural happenings, and music too. They sometimes do travel articles that fit the vibe of the magazine.

Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly an entertainment site pays freelance writers

Entertainment Weekly (which is a monthly publication now) writes about entertainment news for TV, movies, music, books, theater, gaming, and more. Want to write for this site? Read the site and follow their editors on social media. They don’t publish any guidelines so you’ll have to do your own investigating. But then, if you want to write for any of the top entertainment publications, you’ll need strong research and interviewing skills.

  • Homepage: https://ew.com/
  • Contributor info: Mary Margaret is the editor. No other submission guidelines are available.
  • Pay: We hear 40 cents a word.
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: No, but you get a writer’s page with all your articles.

Escapist Magazine

The Escapist a gaming and entertainment website pays freelance writers

The Escapist publishes articles on video games, movies, and TV. But their readers are geeks and gamers, so only entertainment topics that they love. They want well-researched and well-written articles. If you want to do a feature story, expect to include interviews. Op-eds are also possible. Just remember to be patient. If they say yes, they will contact you. If you’ve got an idea for a weekly column, they want to hear for you too.


Esquire a men's lifestyle magazine and website pays freelance writers for entertainment articles.

Do I really need to tell you what Esquire is? And yes, this print magazine and website hire freelance writers. They publish in all the important entertainment categories like music, movies, TV, and books. Read the articles (and then, keep reading). Please do a lot of reading for any of the big publications before you pitch.

  • Homepage: https://www.esquire.com/
  • Contributor info: You’ll find Esquire’s contact info here. The current editor is John Kenney.
  • Pay: We hear 15 cents a word for online articles.
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, a very short one.


Fanbyte a gaming site pays freelance writers

Fanbyte wants your pitches about gaming. If you’re suddenly inspired to send them a non-gaming entertainment pitch based on what you read on the site (and it’s too good to resist), they might say yes. Their writer guidelines are pretty clear. Follow them and read, read, read the site. They’re looking for essays, features, op-eds, previews, interviews, and more. And they’re always looking for guides.

Film School Rejects

Film School Rejects an entertainment website hires freelance writers

Film School Rejects is a blog about movies and the craft of filmmaking. They’re not always looking for freelance writers to do a one-off article. If you’d like to do a limited series or a regular column for the blog, get in touch. They are very interested in multiple article pitches.

Funny Times

Funny Times a humor website pays freelance writers

Got a funny story to tell? Funny Times print magazine and website would love to hear them (and publish them). Most subjects are doable. They say “not much is off-limits,” Just make them laugh. And if you’ve got a talent for cartoons, they pay for them too. Just remember to send it the old-fashioned way. Snail mail submissions only.

Get Abstract

Get Abstract a book summary website pays freelance writers

Get Abstract provides summaries of nonfiction books for their subscribers. They’ve got over 20,000 written and audio summaries. And they’re always adding more (at least 1000 additions per year). They hire freelance writers to write their abstracts. But you’ll have to apply to become one of their writers in advance. When they’re looking for new freelancers, they’ll get in touch if your application piques their interest.


Guide a children's entertainment website pays freelance writers

Guide is a children’s entertainment print magazine and website for 10 to 14-year-olds. It’s mainly distributed in Seventh Day Adventist Churches. They are looking for true stories about adventure, personal growth, humor, inspiration, biography, or nature. They also love story series if you have a great idea that is too big for 1000 words.

Harper’s Magazine

Harper's magazine and website pays freelance writers

Yep, THE Harper’s Magazine, one of the oldest cultural and literary magazines, also has an online edition — but you’ll still have to send your queries by snail mail. Don’t send them completed articles, just queries to start the ball rolling. (They also accept fiction, with complete manuscripts, but not poetry.) Have a read through the online edition of the magazine to get an idea of what they want. And note that in the old-school literary magazine tradition, they won’t send you a note to confirm they received your query — you gotta wait until you hear a “yes” or nothing at all.

Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter an entertainment site pays freelance writers

If entertainment news is your schtick, you’re probably already reading The Hollywood Reporter. And if you want to write for this print and digital magazine, you have to read it to know what they want. And follow their editors on social media.

Huck Magazine

Huck magazine and website pays freelance writers for articles about art and culture.

Huck Magazine writes about art, culture, politics, and news mainly. From an entertainment point of view, think about stories on movies, TV, events, filmmakers, and other artists that are shaping popular culture. And if grassroots activism is involved, they’ll love it even more. Read the site and print magazine before you pitch them (always good advice, but especially for a publication with a wide range of topics like Huck).

Inuit Art Quarterly

Inuit Art Quarterly an art magazine and website pays freelance writers

Inuit Art Quarterly is a print magazine and website run by the Inuit Art Foundation. They want you (and everyone else) to know about Inuit artists, hear their stories, and see their work. Read the articles published on the site and in their magazine to get an idea of what types of articles get a yes.


Jezebel an entertainment and lifestyle blog that pays freelance writers

Yes, you really can write for Jezebel! Have a very good look at the website. Especially the Culture and Books sections if entertainment writing is your goal. We recommend following your favorite editors on Twitter (but we recommend that for any publication really). They don’t provide much guidance for submitting, so you’ll want to use your research skillz to get the goods with this website.


ListVerse a unique lifestyle blog that pays freelance writers

ListVerse wants you to write a….wait for it…list post. And they’ll pay you $100 to do it (if it’s accepted). Look at all the lists they’ve published already. If you’re a freelance entertainment writer, you’ll have plenty of ideas for pop culture lists. They say that unusual or unexpected lists tend to make the cut. You’ll need at least 10 items on your list. And if you can’t receive money by Paypal, you can’t write for them.

Literary Hub

Literary Hub a culture website pays freelance writers.

Literary Hub helps its readers find great contemporary literature to read. This publication wants you to think about how culture impacts writers and their work. They want “stories about literary life and culture.” For example, how does a writer or a book fit into its contemporary culture. You could also pitch a personal essay. Just remember to look at how current events and culture impact the point of your essay.


Observer an entertainment. lifestyle and culture blog hires freelance writers

Observer is an online lifestyle and culture site looking for as they put it “an investigative report, an op-ed, a hot take on a big news story, a reported feature, a profile or Q&A, policy analysis,” to give you an idea. As an entertainment writer, study the Culture, Entertainment, and Arts sections to see what they like.


Offscreen a film and movie entertainment site hires freelance writers

Offscreen calls itself an online film journal specializing in independent films, up and coming filmmakers, Canadian films and alternative cinema. They publish director interviews, report on film festivals, and review DVDs. They strongly recommend you review their already published articles before sending a pitch their way. And if you happen to be fluent in French, they have a sister site en français.

Oprah Magazine Online

Oprah Magazine and website hire freelance writers for entertainment articles

Want to write for Oprah’s Online Magazine site? You’ll have to do your research. There are no submission guidelines posted, but we know they hire freelance writers. The website and the printed magazine both have some exclusive content, so you could get a job writing for the magazine or the website. We recommend you read both and follow their editors before you get in touch with them.

Paper Magazine

Paper magazine and website a lifestyle website pays freelance writers for articles

Paper Magazine is a lifestyle publication and site dedicated to pop culture, fashion, beauty, and entertainment. Read up on their favorite entertainment topics (music, famous people, movies, TV, internet culture, nightlife, and art). You’ll have to follow your favorite editors on social media and read your favorite department’s articles to get an idea of what they want.

Paste Magazine

Get freelance blogging jobs with Paste magazine

Paste doesn’t accept unsolicited queries anymore, but they do occasionally accept new members to their pool of freelance writers. Paste is a lifestyle and entertainment site, so you’ll find plenty of departments to consider: music, movies, TV, comedy, games, books, politics, drinks, and more. Have a look at their online magazine and then contact the department you’d like to write for.


Polygon a gaming and entertainment website pay freelance writers

Polygon publishes articles on gaming, movies, TV, and comics. They’re looking for essays, op-eds, and feature stories. They usually assign reviews to writers they already know. Check out their writer guidelines. They do a fantastic job of telling you what they want to see in your pitch (and they give some great insights on how to write a winning pitch for anyone).

Reader’s Digest

The Readers Digest magazine and lifestyle website hires freelance writers

Who hasn’t heard of The Reader’s Digest? And guess what…you can write for them too. They do hire freelance writers. For all you entertainment writers, the Arts & Entertainment, Humor, and even Jokes sections are a good fit (depending on your style). You’ll have to do some social media research and follow your favorite editors. They pay very well, so it’ll be worth the trouble if you dream of writing for this magazine and website. They’re only interested in your pitch. Don’t send any finished work.


Refinery29 a lifestyle blog pays freelance writers for articles

Wanna write for the massive lifestyle site Refinery29? They have a few specialist topics they’re looking for right now. But you can still pitch them another idea. Read up on their preferred entertainment topics (books, music, movies, TV, and pop culture). Just make sure it’s in line with their style and hasn’t already been done (or has an amazingly fresh new perspective).

Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone a music entertainment website and magazine pay freelance writers

Yeah, Rolling Stone Magazine and their website hire freelance writers for music and entertainment articles even though they have a writing staff. What they want from you is timely topics, original reporting, and opinion. They’re very selective. They don’t need your breaking news ideas or reports about events. Read their magazine and site articles thoroughly if this is your dream publication. And make sure your idea is not old news everyone and their mother has already done.


Romper hires freelance writers for funny parenting and entertainment articles

Romper wants stories about every aspect of parenting from a fun and thoughtful perspective. And they have an entertainment section on the website. Go read through the articles if entertainment is your fav writing topic. Just make sure to keep it relevant to parents because everything on the site has a connection with parenting, kids, and momlife.


Sasee a lifestyle site for women in South Carolina pays for humor articles and satire.

Sasee is a print and digital lifestyle magazine for women in the South Carolina area. They are looking for humor, first-person essays, satire, and other feature stories that appeal to their readers. You can read through their digital archive to get a better idea of their style and already published material.

Sixty Inches from Center

Sixty Inches from Center an art site pays freelance writers

Sixty Inches from Center is an online art blog looking for articles about both traditional and experimental art. They accept interviews, essays, reviews, photo essays, poetry, short stories, and much more. Don’t know what to pitch? They’ve got a list of topics they’d love you to write about for them.


Slate the lifestyle site pays freelance writers for articles

Slate hires freelance writers! It’s an enormous general interest site known for writing opinions and analysis. Read the Culture section of the site for entertainment topic guidance. They’ve got all the usual categories (music, movies, TV, books, video games, and sports). They recommend that you do an internet search about your pitch idea before contacting them. They DO NOT want anything that’s been done. Read their articles AND do some research on what other sites have already written too.

Smithsonian Magazine

The Smithsonian Magazine and website pays freelance writers

Want to write for THE Smithsonian Magazine or website? They accept unsolicited pitches from established freelance writers. You’ll need to build up a nice writer portfolio first. Competition will be fierce, so it’s probably a good idea to hone your pitching and writing skills elsewhere. Once you know how to write irresistible pitches, you’ll be ready to write for The Smithsonian.

Star Trek

Star Trek the entertainment website pays freelance writers

Star Trek (the website for fans) wants your pitches for essays, features, reports and more. If you’re a giant Star Trek fan (of any of the shows or movies), this is your chance to write about what you love. They do an excellent job of telling you what they do and don’t want in their writer guidelines. They want to see writing samples before they say yes (from other sites, not your personal or business site).

SyFy Wire

Syfy Wire the website about movies, tv and comics pays freelance writers

Syfy Wire publishes articles about science fiction, fantasy and supernatural horror mostly. Basically movies, TV, games, books and anything else connected to these genres. They do hire freelance writers, but you’ll have to snoop around their website (and follow the editors) to get a better idea of what they really want.

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue the lifestyle site pays freelance writers for entertainment articles

Know how to write for teens? Start reading Teen Vogue‘s print magazine or website and get to know their style. Check out their Culture section for an idea of what they like (movies, TV, music, and books). Follow their executive editor on social media. Do some internet sleuthing to find out who the other editors are (and follow them too). Once you’ve got some ideas they can’t resist (and a decent list of published articles) pitch them.

The Guardian

The Guardian website pays freelance writers for entertainment articles

The Guardian will consider your unsolicited freelance pitches. Go check out the section you want to write for, start following their editors and read everything they’ve got that fits in your category. They don’t offer much advice on what to submit, so you’ll have to do your own research.

The New Yorker

The New Yorker website pays freelance writers for entertainment articles

You could write for The New Yorker Magazine. Seriously. Click the link on their contributor info and you’ll see it in black and white. Their Humor section’s Daily Shouts and Shouts & Murmurs both allow unsolicited submissions. Go read everything they’ve got (if you want to get published on their site and magazine) before you pitch them.

The New York Times Book Review

The New York Times Book Review hires freelance writers to write book reviews.

The New York Times Book Review will not be your first assignment as a freelance writer. But we want you to know that their book reviews aren’t usually assigned to staff writers. And once you’ve built up some street cred, The New York Times could be your next job. This inside look into how reviewers are chosen is pretty eye opening. It also reminds us that it’s more than ok to specialize and love your preferred niche.

The Root

The Root a niche lifestyle magazine pays freelance writers for entertainment articles

The Root is a lifestyle site about, as they put it, “the intersection of blackness and culture, politics, entertainment, and sports, among other pertinent issues.” They may hire you for articles, but at the moment, they are looking for freelance writers to write for them regularly for their audience. So you’ll need to have a strong resumé, be a fast writer, and have some experience writing for a similar audience on subjects like politics, entertainment, culture, and/or breaking news.

The Smart Set

The Smart Set hires freelance writers for culture articles

At the crossroads of culture and art, you’ll find The Smart Set, an online magazine for those who love to go deeper. They accept book, film, and TV reviews. And personal essays are kinda their favorites. You can write about other subjects too —  intellectual curiosity is their middle name.

The Verge

The Verge website hires freelance writers for entertainment articles

The Verge wants to talk about as they put it ” the ways that technology and science are changing the way we live.” They publish stories on technology, science and entertainment (and more importantly where these three come together). Think in-depth analysis or op-ed essays on movies and TV, gaming communities, and any way that entertainment and technology combine. Research the site (as they strongly recommend) before you pitch them.

TV Guide

TV Guide the entertainment website pays freelance writers

TV Guide (yep it still exists) hires freelance writers. Now they help their readers decide what to watch (on the oh-so-many platforms now available to keep us entertained). Read the site to get a better idea of what they like and follow their editors on social media.


Variety the entertainment news website hires freelance writers

That bastion of entertainment news, Variety hires freelance writers. But you might want to start your entertainment freelance writing career with a few other publications before you start pitching Variety (if you’re just getting started). Start reading it if entertainment writing is your dream. And if you’ve already got tons of insider experience in entertainment and access to important people in that industry, go for it.


Vice the news and lifestyle blog pays freelance writers for entertainment articles.

Vice is a huge lifestyle site with lots of viral videos and articles. And they hire freelance writers. If entertainment is your thing, read the music, TV, entertainment and games sections to get an idea of what floats their boat. They’re really looking for original reports, essays, and first-person stories. You could even do an article on another person’s first-person story. And for those of you with a great idea, Vice is looking for pitches for series and columns too.


Vox the news and culture blog hires freelance writers for paid jobs

Vox is a gigantic website that you’ve likely run into on social media already. They cover just about everything worth reporting about. Their Culture section takes on entertainment topics like music, movies, TV, books, award shows, celebrities, and everything else that fits under the umbrella of entertainment. Read what they’ve got and go follow your preferred editors on social media.


Vulture the New York entertainment website pays freelance writers

Vulture is a site owned by New York Magazine and focuses on entertainment news: TV, movies, comedy, music, books, and more. They don’t provide any writer guidelines, so you’ll have to do your own research (read the sections you’d like to write for). To pitch your post idea to them, check out the New York Magazine general pitching info and then reach out.


Wired the tech lifestyle site pays freelance writers for entertainment and gaming articles

Wired Magazine and website want you to write stories about how technology, science and innovation are changing the way we live, think and do pretty much anything. They tend to accept pitches for their Ideas section the most (essays or feature stories usually). They do occasionally say yes to pitches for their Business, Science or Service sections too (but in smaller numbers). Their pay rates are based on the length and difficulty of the article (not on whether it’s published in the magazine or the site).

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