How Google steals AdSense from clients


Fudzilla’s monthly sales fell 65 percent

Last month we decided to increase Fudzilla’s presence in Google ads and increase the number of banners to bring some better spots to Google. Revenue has more than doubled, but at the end of the month, Google is marketing 65 percent of our ad traffic as invalid traffic – AdSense for content, with 65 percent of revenue deducted.

Of course, we tried to contact the AdSense team to find out that this is impossible. Google is talking to you and you are not talking to Google. We tried looking at forums and communities and it turns out there is no way to get in touch.

Do not be angry

We have decided to end Google AdSense immediately as we are not in the mood to give away 65 percent of the already reduced profits from Google AdSense. Google’s unofficial motto is “Don’t be angry at its best”.

What we have experienced is most likely not an isolated incident, this has happened to others as well, and we just felt obliged to let people know that this could happen to others. There are well-described alternatives and we will give some of them a chance.

Bad traffic – AdSense for content

We can only apologize to our readers for having to put up with sometimes poor quality ads that Google chose to go for, but it was a reasonably decent source of income that helped pay some bills.

After this eye opener, we’ll keep you updated on how the alternatives work, as we get the impression that everything else out there is likely to do better.


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